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Sorry for not posting yesterday! *facedesk* But i'll make it up tp you today! ^.^




To make it up to you...


So sorry!

I am SO sorry i have been a HORRIBLE mod!!! I've just had SO much going on and then my computer just gave out!
But just because i aint posting doesn't mean all you guys have to stop! ;) Go ahead an post away! I'll try and do my best on posting more often but i cant make any promises. I have a six page paper do and a video that i have to work on for health all this week.

So please go ahead and post videos, picspams, icons, banners, stories...whatever! (of course as long as its of Billie or Green Day ^.^)

If anyone would like to help me out and become a co-mod please email me at rydenurossie@yahoo.com or just comment this post!


and to make up for my lack of posting



Nov. 1st, 2009

Green Day August 20th 2009!!!!!! I could have sworn that I saw Yolie's pink hair! haha

Sorry LJ

 So, I decided that since I've been writing about Green Day, I should post on a Green Day site! So sorry LiveJournal. I'm switching over to Sullen Riot.

If you are interested in reading my new story, have a look! www.sullen-riot.com Find me writing at Sally Randall! <3